Tuesday January tenth Twenty Seventeen
Ponder this ... scientists say three-quarters of all species could vanish this century! Humans too follow shortly thereafter.


Pope Francis' encyclical letter "Laudato Si" is all about nature and saving earth

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The illegitimate POTUS

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Although only 19% of all Americans and 26% of eligible voters voted for Donald Trump, you have to be appalled and frightened by the overwhelming stupidity of 19% of all Americans.

The GOP has actually managed to appeal to those in the USA who are white nationalists, self interested, self absorbed and self concerned.

No doubt Russia has been assisting the existence of the GOP for decades as the single most divisive force in America yesterday and today. Most Americans actually do not agree with GOP ideology. Russia's interference in State and Federal elections over decades has kept the GOP alive.

Republicans will deny they exist at the will of Russia, although many are beginning to realize how the USA has been manipulated over decades by the foreign interference of Russia, China and even Israel.

Trump himself is an egomaniac and overt serial liar who would never accept that he didn't win the Presidential election based on merit, but instead was handed the election due to Russian interference as well as due to an inept and grossly manipulated American media.

China and Israel are the most dangerous actors because their intelligence agencies are adept at remaining undisclosed. Russia IS, remains, and has been involved in political espionage.

Trump’s staff was complicit in working with other parties to undermine Hillary Clinton. On the phone constantly with Russian agents during the election. Jarad Kushner’s obvious role and relationship with Israel as a Jew is particularly intriguing. There’s little doubt that Kushner’s influence on the election was significant, particularly when it came to publishing false articles in social media.

All of this will be revealed in time.

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